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Based on the capabilities of domestic experts, the company has succeeded in producing all kinds of calcium carbonate grades for supply to paint and coating industries, including water based paints based on acrylic and polyvinyl acetate resins, solvent base paints, powder paints and electrostatic, lacquer paints, sealing pastes, sealants and also the paper industry, polymer and engineering plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical, sanitary, cosmetic and edible industries.

The Chemie Ma-adani Hamedan Company is the first and only manufacturer of calcium carbonate in Iran and the biggest in the Middle East by  trade name “Brin”. Managers and founders of the company with a family history of more than 100 years in the production of mineral products, especially calcium carbonate, with an ongoing effort and trust in national capability and R & D, succeeded in producing calcium carbonate in Iran in 1997.

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  • With the increasing efforts of national experts and experienced and committed experts, the Chemie Ma-adani Hamedan Company has managed to export its products for use in the above mentioned industries in less than ten years and has a special position in supplying and exporting of calcium carbonate in the countries of the Middle East and African and European countries.

  • Hamedan Inorganic Chemistry Co., with its modern technology and technical knowledge of production as well as advanced equipment for quality control and product promotion, has been recognized by direct employment of more than 200 people as one of the examplified manufacturing and industrial units.