Application in lime and hydrated lime

Today, millions tons of lime are used in building and manufacturing cement and other industries as one of the most important elements in the industry. The main material of lime is calcium oxide, which has a strong alkaline composition and can be combined with all acids and has various applications in various industries. Due to the inherent properties of lime and its high alkalin properties and its low cost compared to other alkali, it is widely used in various industries, including :


  1. Agricultural use (soil remediation and neutralization of acid and pesticides and insecticides)
  2. Consumption in refractory products
  3. Leather and Tanning Industry
  4. Poultry, livestock breeding, fish farming ponds, and calcium supply in broiler chickens
  5. As brittle agent in preparation of jams (balloon, pumpkin, citrus peel, etc.)
  6. Sugar factories
  7. Construction and asphalt
  8. Coal mines (as an explosive remover)
  9. Other industries (paper, pulp, rubber, antifreeze, etc.)
  10. Refineries and power plants
  11. Oil company (oil fields for drilling wells)


  1. Iron and steel and metal industries
  2. Petrochemical Industries
  3. Building materials such as cement, ceramics, stone powder, limestone sand bricks
  4. Glass industry
  5. Drinking and industrial water purification
  6. Treatment of Industrial and Urban Wastewater
  7. Bleachers
  8. Production of calcium carbide (carbide)
  9. Restoration of pools and swamps
  10. Painting industry