Sealant and Plastisol

Application of nano-sized particles as functional fillers has attracted significant attention for a number of industrial products in recent years . Nano-sized precipitated calcium carbonate are type of special particles which have been used in PVC plastisols and other sealants and act as rheology control agent.

PVC plastisols

PVC plastisols are used as coatings for a variety of industrial applications, such as car underbody paint. It is important to control the rheological properties of the plastisol for maximum performance.  precipitated calcium carbonate, when presented in nano size form, possesses peculiar properties if it can be effectively dispersed within the polymer matrix.

The surface

The surface of the synthesized nanoparticles have been  then treated with organic  coating agents to enhance its compatibility and dispersion in different plastisols. Based on the polymer matrix in sealants, quantity and type of coating differ from each other in order to obtain better compatibility and interaction between fillers and polymers .